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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 18, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. (unintelligible)) >> hospital emergency. tonight the 911 calls from >> a bus driver ask caught
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i'm karen parks. questions remain >>reporter: two days aater the shooting and all the chaos that ensued, police are taking the >>reportee: questions remain
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regarding he shooter. did he take the gun toothe hoopital before? were there any red flags to indicate he was dangerous? police are now reviewing those concerns security. and ith hospital -p>> we're trying to give their security network a chance to settle back in and we aim nextt week to get with them and do tte same kknd of analysis and critique. >>reporter: many visitors did so reluctantly. >> a little concerned for my safety, but everything seems back to normal. security is >> i've seen maybe more people, but nothing just, you know, you're not being stopped or checked or iiterviewed or anything. >>reporter: soon after the shooting, some asked why the hospital doesn't have metal >> to put a mag met at 80 doors and the required armed force that ould need to be staffing them is not realistic.
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>>reporter: visitors say they understand and stiil feel fairly safe here, confident nothing liie thursdayys ordeal will happpn again. >> this was such an isolated incident. this was one person who lost it. >>reporter: not only does the hospital have 80 entrances to security, but security managers claim 80,000 people pass through those doors each and >> to wch more on the shooting, go to and look for "hotttopics" at the top of the page. we have breaking news right now. investigators are on the scene of a hit and run in howard county. it happened on state police say a motorcyclist was hit by a sslver dodge minivan. they are searching for the driver at this hour. the biker is at shock trauma. we have no word on his
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condition. detals are still developing surrounding the killing of a woman in west baltimore last night. poliie were called for a figgt between two family -pmembers. they found 66-year old mitchell severely beaten. she was taken to shock trauma, where she died. neighbors say it was a quiet night until police arrived. learning ttday what may have happened. >> we didn't hear anything. like i said, it was not tyyically like, guuss you could hear people arguing or fighting. i didn't hear any of that. >> a woman's niice is beeng puestioneddas a person of interest. tte war on crime is being fought onnmany fronts. today one baltimore organization tried to fight crime with a party. myranda stephens shows us how they're intending to take back the streets one fight
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>>reporter: the hope is to build a community up and cut down crime. >> we understand that he political system can't do everything. it's going to require the people getting % >>reporter: they have been >>reporter: who on any other
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day might be too afraid to go outside. >> we're in a neighborhood that is crime-ridden and it's very pleasant today. very, very pleasant.
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>> i see fraud many places. (uninnelligible). >>reporter: on a day day, afghan political are a dangerous game and this day was bloody. united nations officials reported more than 160 incidents of violence across the country. despite the deploymeet of hundreds off thousands of soldiers and police. afghan officials say -pat least 2 civilians werr taliban-related violence. here
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>> unfortunately, in afghanistan, ((nintelligible). >>reporter: depending on how the long and ikell messy vote count goes, this man could become part of afghanistan's
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next generation of politicians. a scientist and his wife are caughttin an fbi sting. tonight they're accused of trying to sell nuclear secrets to veeezuela. thhy once worked on nuclear weapons. now they're under indictment, accuseddof handing over a claasified document to an undercover fbi agent, who was posing as a venezuelan agent. the scientiit insisted he has >> nothing was secret. >> according to charging undercover agent he could develoo a bomm for venezuela in ten years. finally some progress in trap half a mile underground.
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a hole has reached the men. this holl will eventually be their escape route. the head engineer says this is progress, but much more work still needs to be done. it coull take another 4 to 6 weeks. the minors have been trapped since auguss 5th. there's a different kind of rescue going on in hartford county. ast month a garbage man res kud six puppies that were left for dead. today they stole everyone's heaat. there was much to celebrate. dozens of dogs and theii owners came here to raise money for the animal rescue. it was six little puppies that stole the >> this is lisa. she's a little scared. >> so sweet, though. >>reporter: they are six-and a half weeks old. these puppies are lucky to be alive. last month a garbage man who stopped for a cigarette break found them in a ddmpster. >> he got out of the ruck,
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leaned on the dechlster and heard moaning. he saw a -ptaped-up box movinn. he grabbed the box out, opened it up and there were six puppies. pretty close to death. this is one of them. >>reporter: rescuerssnursed them to health and are now putting them up for adoption. >> if i didn't have another big dog at home, i think i'd 3 cc probably take all of them myself. -p>>reporter: six puppies once trashed arr now treasured. had it not been for a garbage man -- it would have been a very different ending. >> looks like those six puppies will soon have new homes.. 20 peopll applied to adopt them. dante green of the saaramento kings gave back too baltimore today. the catholic graduate gave away school supplies to kids who live in his old east baltimore neighborhood. >> i came ouu here to give
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back. >> he also provided food, music and even a moon bounce for the kids. we were doing a moderate speed run up tte hill with the car. the film crew was filming -- doing documentary gathering a video and film. there was talks of an audi commercial and that's not true. >> tte technology that could have caused the crash. a bus driver is caught reading and driving and a passenger catches it on tape. straight ahead in tonight's cover story, some of the crazyiest political ads of the election season and their parities. temperaaures are cooling down this evening. fall is just days away. mmre summer-like temperatures in our forecast. i'll tell you when they'll arrive cooing up in my skywatch forecast.
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a helicopter shooting video for udi crashed a mile from the summit of pike's peak in colorado. everyone on board survived. the german automaker was test driving the car the chopper was controlling the car, which may have caused the crash, but audi refuses that claim. >> the car itself had no -pconnection or remote control from the helicopter. >> because of its well-known tight turns and curves,,pike's peak has been the testing site. the exact cause is still being -pinvestigated. a portland bus driier is caught driving under the
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influence of a book and a passenger catches it on tape. the passenger didn't want to show his face, ut in his video you can see the driver reading when the bus is in motion. other riders sayythey've seen it before. >> they're just like reading a book while they're like at a read tg as they go. they just don't put it down. i've seen this before. a maryland man sentenced to 27 months in jail after faking his own death to avoid a court appearance. brown arranged for a -- the case wassdismissed until a probation officee discovered there was no -poriginal death certificate on file. the file number brown used beeonged to someone else
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who died. 3 c1 with november elections just around the kornger, campaigns are heating up. one new york campaign is stinking up many homes. he is the republican gub gub candidate and he's causing a foul order in mailboxes all over the state. his marriage is >> i think it speaks to the done. >> ddmocrats say he's unfit to serve. governor patterson says he has been singled out for senddng pornngraphic and racist e-mails to his friends. more crazy campaign strategys and commercials for around the count rear coming up in about ten minutes. stay wiih fox 45 for the very latest information on the
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november electtons. go to a piece of legislation called "the dream act" is democratic leader harry reid inserted a measure to make it >> it says if you've been in this country five years and came efore the age of 16, you should be able tt go to state school. >> this is a transparent attempt to win an election. that's what this is all about.
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a beautiful day today. more good weather on the way. >> doesn't get much better than this. p> veryyseasonable day today. we havv another one in store tomorrow. temperatures are cooling down this evening. in fact, we're drop nothing to the 60s in many locatiins right now. down to 61 in balttmore. already 65 in haggerstown. 67 in washington d.c. that's just the trend ttat we'll see for tonight dropppng down in to the 50s in many locations and cool nights ahead as well. one thing we havve't seen a whole lot oo is any rain. we definiteey aren't going to see it tonight. therees a cold
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>> (music playing). >> it was a day filled with music and family fun. other highlights weee arts and crafts and story-telling. the contributions that thh of african-american community have made to baltimore coonty over the century. >> delegate adrian jones is the festival's founder and executive director. we need 911. there's a shooting. >> a hospital emergency. tonight the 911 call and the investigators. providinn a otentially deadly way to get an adrenalinnhigh. how teens are putting their lives pnd limbs at risk and what is being done to stop them.
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>>reporter: she can't save herself from his his opponent. reporter: he's also run in to criticism -- >> (unintelligible).
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>> conservative chhistian and a pretty fair shot. >> i'm pamela gorman, and i approve this message. % >>rrporter: some ads are so mac
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macho -- at least this candidatt for alabama agriculture commission didn't open fire. >> i'm dale peterson.. >> i'll kill a man. i'll put a gun in someone's mouth and say "you need more lead n youu diet." >>reporter: cnn, new york. >> you know, i thouggt those >> it sure does. put it at a whole ddfferent level down there.. one of the local ads that had a lot of people talking and laughing around here is about the political insider. >> (unintelligible). >> the reppblican candidate
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running against incumbent senator. his message? marylaaders are tired of the status quo and are lloking for new leadership ii the u.s. senate. he's looking for an adrenalin high. the potentially-deadly hobby. what's being done to stop them? we need 911. >> a hospital emergency tonight. the 911 calls from johns hopkins hospital the dry weather continues.
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well, we're having great weather and we're hearing that it's going to last? >> ii is going to last. if you're looking for more summer-like weather as e go in to fall then we'll have it this week. we have upper 80s to talk about. >> oh, good. it makes ssmee people happy. clear kies and dry conscience. we've had the pame story for several daas. we could use the rain. we are -pnot going to get it anytime
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-p eating cat meat ii no crie in china. animal lovers n the big city are speaking out after they found this. cats on a -- south of beijing packed inside >> organiiers say it is a family-friendlyyevent, but all the buzz is over 2,000 pounds of deep-fried bull testicles also known as "rocky mountain oysters." >> they're a quarter-inch thick, battered in beer batter and deep friid and served in a
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french-fry basket. >> the festival was only supposed to run one day, but due to its popularity it runs the entire weekend. a father on the run for 17 pears is now behind bars for kidnapping his own child almost tw$ two decades ago. he called his attorney earlier this week saying he wanted to surrender. he kidnapped his son michael back in 1993, to avoid returning the boy to his mourth. the father's attorney say officiils were thrilled to hear michael, now a 20-year old man, is safe. >> i called the detectivessand deputy marshalls in waco that have been looking him for the last 17 years and there was a sigh of relief. >> he was a teacher before he became a wanted man. michael is staying with relatives. he has yet to see his mother. the terps' renew their rivalry with west virginia and a local high school star scores big for the mmuntaineers coming up in "sports unlimited."
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it's our top story tonight, >> newly-released 911 calls are% paintinn a much clearer picture of whaa happened when the >> how many shots did you hear? >> i was standing right there and a physician went down. the gunshot went sxauf a gentleman >> police released six of the
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por americans. the ssudy is based on abts of 80,000 people during a five-year period. researchers found only five sort of vigorous exercises. 28 percent said they like to read. 80 percent watch television or went to the ovies. researchers say it can help scientists uuderstand how americans change their habits. it's the dirty little secret of the horse-racing industry. when horses don't make the winner circle or
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they're simply too old to race, sometimes they're auctiond and discarded. at the second-chance farm, many horses are getting new lives, thanks a second chance of their own. >> (horse neighing). >> he's seven years old. he 31 didn't get a chance to finish his racing career because he had a knee injury. >> (horse neighing). >> i love him. i love him. i think he's a gentle giant. >> i've been in here twice. >> we come in to his business with the hope that we can change lives. that's our job,
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to touch someone in a way that could have nevvr been touched before without this program. >> the program uses inmates to work with horses, to gennle them down. hrses that come off the tracks that are injured or old and can't race anymore. 1 instead of them being slaught erred, the idea is to entle them down and make them pets and adopt them out. >> it's a second chance for me because it givee me a chance to be (unintelligible) >> they learn to bond with the horses. they learn compassion. they learn patience. >> it's to the point where i have o take care of himm if i can take care of him every day ei can go home and take care of my father. >> it's an opportunity to sse a
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transformation. it is so different than prison. the i see it every day. going to miss him. him. i'm >> the thoroughhred retirement foundation funds the program, which currently has morr than 500 race horses working with prisoners across the country. since it wassfounded in 1983, pt has helped more than 3,000
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horses find new homes.
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82 and mostly sunny for tomorrow. a cold front pushes through tomorrow night. we see cooler temperatures to start off the work week. 79 on tuesdaa. then the heat wave begins. back to summer-like temperatures just n time for the start offfall. 87 on
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wednesday. we'll warr to the upper 80s by the end of the wwek and our next chancc of rain comes on saturday and that is just a channe. back to you. >> thanks a lot; emily. kristen berset joins us with a preview, plus today's college action. >> thanks, guys. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited" the ravens know how important tomorrow night's gamm is.
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>> they're going to come out and give us thhir best game.. we know that. their home opener -- we know the importance of this game. we know they know the importance oo this game. weere definitely prepared for it. >> they're the divisson champs from a year ago. we're looking at it as we want to be -- we definitely don't want to go 0-2 this year. we have our goal set. we want to win a division. the only way we can is beat them. that would be a nice start for us to beat them at their ple.


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